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Моторная мегаяхта PANDORA



Длина: 34.1122 Meters 111.9 Feet 
Ширина: 7.0866 Meters 23.2 Feet 
Осадка : 1.8542 Meters 6.1 Feet 
Команда: 6
Год постройки: 2005
Верфь: Ferretti
Корпус: GRP

Двигатель: MAIN ENGINES: MTU 2 x 2775 Генераторы: KOHLER
Круизная скорость: 25
Расход топлива: 950 л/час



Каюты: 5
Виды кают: 3 Double, 2 Twin
Количество гостей: 10

Tenders + toys: One Novurania 4,6m with 90hp Yamaha outboard engine
Water Ski
сноркелинг equipment
Fishing equipment

“Pandora”, is the 112 ft 2005 Ferretti Custom Line, which manages to captivate your attention and arouse your appetite with her fine lines and noble attitude.

Once you climb on board, you find yourself on her spacious main aft deck. There you can sit and enjoy your breakfast, lunch, diner, cocktails, or just lay-back whilst enjoying the panoramic view. Pandora’s main Кормовая палуба has a wooden center table which comfortably sits eight on very restful chairs and sofa. Should the sun become a bit too strong for your liking and wish for extra shade beyond what is already provided, or want a little extra privacy, there is a thick plastic sliding cover giving you just that. To the right of the main Кормовая палуба, there are a few curving steps leading you to her exquisite sun deck. At the back of the main Кормовая палуба, you will also find broad steps the swimming platform. This platform allows you to become “one” with the sea and allows easy access into and out of the water.

Entering the salon from the main Кормовая палуба is Pandora’s exquisite salon. Opening two glass sliding doors, either hydraulically or manually with great ease is how you enter the salon. Once inside, you will be stunned by the sparkling rosewood interior. On your left, you will find two sofas and one sofa chair, all made from the finest of leather in a delightful brown tone. On both sides of the main sofa, there are rosewood tables, with lamps on them, giving light and adding to the dйcor. In the center there is a wonderful low-cut coffee table, which too is made from the same exquisite rosewood. Across the coffee table you will find two bamboo chairs with very comfortable pillow seating. To the right of the salon from the entrance all the way down to the Обеденная зона, there is a row of rosewood cabinets. Where the salon finishes, is where the Обеденная зона begins. The dining area is separated from the salon by a small rosewood furniture partition, which also gives a nice touch and enables your wonderful crew to store napery and other dining utensils. The Обеденная зона consists of a beautiful table, seating eight persons very comfortably and spaciously. Salon and dining area, are surrounded by windows with Venetian style drapery, ceiling is made up from leather padding and discrete rosewood outlining. To the right and left of the dining room, there is a door. The door to your left leads directly to the Камбуз which is furnished with the state of the art equipment, enabling your exceptional and highly attentive crew to prepare and serve you. Should you enter the door to your right, you will come across a stairway. Up the stair is the bridge, with state of the art technology. Down the stairs takes you to the rest of your cabins. Walking straight through the door to your right, a little after passing the stairway, is your Full Ширина КАЮТА ХОЗЯИНА (MASTER).

Entering the Full Ширина КАЮТА ХОЗЯИНА (MASTER) you will find one dressing table, with its own mirror, which may also be used as a regular desk allowing you can sit down and write your letter of post card. This wonderful rosewood dressing table is located at the right-hand side of the cabin. At the left hand side of the cabin, there is a charming two seat “love couch” with a small round table directly in front of it. In the center of the cabin is the Master bed, which is escorted with a small cabinet at both sides and reading lights at the bed head. Your cabin has ample space available for storing your belongings, including two walk in closets for your wardrobe. A gorgeous en-suite bathroom is situated in your cabin containing a wonderful Jacuzzi bathtub, two water-basins all wrapped with stunning marble and rosewood. Air-conditioning, satellite TV, DVD and hi-fi audio, are too included in the cabin, adding to your comfort.

The VIP Cabin is equally stunning. Once inside this cabin, you will find to your right a very cozy, light blue velvet “L” shaped day couch. To the left, there is a rosewood vanity table which may also be used as a desk. In the center of the cabin is the VIP bed. Across the bed is his and hers walk in closet, with ample space for your wardrobe. The cabins en-suite facility is as the КАЮТА ХОЗЯИНА (MASTER). It has a Jacuzzi bathtub, two water-basins, again all wrapped with stunning marble and rosewood. Air-conditioning, satellite TV, DVD and hi-fi audio, are too included in the cabin, adding to your comfort.

Further along we have the fabulous Double cabin. This cabin is a tad bit more petite from the Master and VIP cabins, but is not shy to any accessories. As soon as you walk into the Double cabin, you notice the double bed in the center and a wonderful row of united rosewood cabinets. In the middle of the united cabinets, a small cushion seat is placed giving you an extra seat. At both sides of the bed, there are two small drawer tables and directly above them, again at each side, two small reading lights. There is also a closet for your wardrobe and en-suite facilities. These superb facilities consist of a Jacuzzi bathtub and two water-basins, of the same quality and style equivalent to the motif of Pandora. This cabin too has air-conditioning, satellite TV, DVD and hi-fi audio.

Two gorgeous Каюты с двумя односпальными кроватямиs complete the cabins on-board. These cabins are exactly the same, with en-suite facilities, except for one has a bath tub and the other has a wonderful glass case shower along with its water basins. Inside the cabins, the two single beds are separated from each other by a small low-cut rosewood drawer. Each bed has two drawers, providing extra room for your personals along with closet.
Lastly, we have the amazing sun deck! Here you may enter by climbing up a few stairs from the bridge or from the main Кормовая палуба. Once you are at this deck, you will find a Jacuzzi, sun-tanning benches, a small salon with table and very comfortable sofas, bar and her fly-bridge. This area provides unlimited possibilities for fun and relaxation, whilst you enjoy the amazing view or sensational feeling of navigating if you seat yourself at the fly-bridge.


Обеденная зона







Каюты с двумя односпальными кроватями


Солнечная палуба


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